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At Baxter, we are driven not by what is easy, but what is possible. We operate at the center of global healthcare–where we are not only treating diseases, but also discovering smarter ways to prevent them. This is where professionals from a diverse array of specialties thrive in a fast-paced environment that leaves traditional thinking behind. Scientists, researchers and professionals across manufacturing, engineering, quality, technology, finance, legal, sales, marketing and more have found meaningful work here at Baxter. This is our place, where we come together to write our greatest chapter yet.

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Career Areas

The #1 reason people join Baxter is to accomplish meaningful work across a wide variety of professions.


Global Functions
Medical Functions
Sales & Marketing
Supply Chain
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This is where talented individuals with specific skillsets come together to ensure that Baxter runs efficiently and effectively. Our Global Functions consist of professionals within Communications, Finance, HR, IT, Legal and more. They help us adjust to changing marketplaces while maintaining profitable growth. They lead the charge for improved personal, team, and business performances, resulting in a competitive advantage for Baxter. All while creating a place where everyone is supported in doing their best work. Visit these pages to learn more about a career in Business Services or Information Technologies (IT)

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Man wearing technician gear

This is where Engineers play a critical role. From product development to hands-on reliability, they optimize our production capabilities in many ways. From innovative product design to digital transformation to patient delivery, they deliver results for our customers and patients worldwide. Click here to learn about a career in Engineering

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woman wearing manufacturing gear

This is where you make a visible contribution towards the safety, quality, and delivery of our life saving and sustaining products. You’re empowered to leverage good manufacturing practices and continuous improvement ideas into reality. Our production roles are fast-paced, rewarding, and offer a wealth of opportunities to develop within our 50+ global manufacturing sites. We also value production experience in other areas of our integrated supply chain, creating endless possibilities for growth.

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man wearing medical gear

This is where patient-centricity comes to life. Our Medical Affairs team manages and communicates complex, scientific, and outcome-based information across Baxter. This team drives innovation into the clinic, builds the value-proposition for our products, and interacts with industry experts and leaders. Our Clinical Development team partners with Medical Affairs, R&D and our Business Units to develop best-in-class clinical evidence generation approaches. They direct, design and prioritize clinical studies.

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This is where you make a difference in patient safety. As a member of our Quality team, you will play an essential part in our mission of saving and sustaining lives. Quality is critical throughout the entire product lifecycle and works collaboratively with all areas of our organization. Because Quality touches everything we do, a role in Quality provides many opportunities for growth, learning and a successful career that has a daily impact on people’s lives.

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This is where we seek solutions to enhance the quality of care for patients. Our Research and Development teams innovate and develop the products and services that make a meaningful difference at every step of the patient journey. Patient Safety professionals utilize the latest data and research to ensure correct systems and guidelines are in place to protect our patients from adverse effects and maintain their safety. From Scientists to Engineers, you create the products at the center of how we save and sustain lives. Click here to learn about a career in R&D

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This is where creativity meets strategy. In Marketing, you’ll develop and implement marketing programs and pricing strategies. Your expertise will present our life sustaining and saving products to the relevant market sector. This is where relationships empower. In Sales, you’ll align with a global business unit to create opportunities, grow existing accounts, and ensure a patient-centric approach. You’ll collaborate with other teams to provide input on new markets and products while developing customer relationships. Click here to learn about a career in Sales

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man in a warehouse

This is where we directly deliver on our mission to save and sustain lives. Data-driven planning, decisions, and logistics combine with distribution to bring products to the right places at the right times. Our global planning determines future demand while identifying capabilities and lead times on the supply side to weave together our entire value chain. Our global fulfillment group delivers our products from our facilities and warehouses to where it matters most: to patients in hospitals, clinics and their homes.

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  • Global Functions

    Man wearing suit

    “This is where I work with different countries, levels of management and process owners.”

    “In Internal Control, we partner with accounting and finance process owners to ensure key controls and processes are completed while mitigating possible risks. The accuracy in our processes helps save and sustain lives, and I appreciate how ethical and accountable my colleagues are.”

  • Engineering


    “This is where I’ve built a successful career in engineering and can help others do the same.”

    “Baxter has supported me to build my 20+ year engineering career from Field Engineer to my current role managing a full team of engineers. The team is so important to me; we have a wide range of experience and learn from each other. Baxter’s commitment to innovation and evolving a range of medical devices means I’m always motivated and feel good about our work because of our impact on people’s lives.”

  • Manufacturing

    Woman in factory

    “This is where you can grow your career.”

    “We manufacture IV bags and solutions to help patients in many ways. We make products for medication delivery, fluid replenishment, renal solutions, solutions that deliver nutrition and irrigation solutions used in medical procedures. I started as a Pouch Operator and progressed to a Material Handler. Now I am a Documentation Coordinator focused on ensuring all procedures meet FDA standards.”

  • Medical Functions

    Woman with blond hair

    “This is where I find fulfillment in the opportunities presented to me every day.”

    “To me, working in Medical Affairs means meaningful interactions with healthcare professionals to uncover ways of long-lasting collaboration, improve clinical practice and bring innovation to patients. Here, the science behind therapies and products meets the reality of everyday life in the hospitals. Identifying realistic ways to improve patients’ care can be a challenge; however, once it is achieved, it feels extremely satisfying.”

  • Quality

    Woman wearing glasses

    “This is where we play a critical role in solving issues and pioneering solutions.”

    “We prevent and solve problems ensuring our quality system self-identifies and corrects issues, allowing us to release high quality products to market reliably and effectively. Equally, we are continuously engaging with industry and the authorities to implement proactive compliance practices.”

  • R&D

    Man in a suit

    “This is where I discovered Model Based System Engineering.”

    “The mission of Baxter R&D is to improve the current technologies offered by an organization or to develop innovations that strengthen the organization’s position in the marketplace. I am able to innovate, design, and develop products and platforms that enhance patient experiences and outcomes.”

  • Sales & Marketing

    Woman wearing green shirt

    “This is where I am motivated to bring my best to work in both training and sales.”

    “As a therapy specialist, I train and support healthcare professionals treating patients using our devices. From a sales perspective, I provide clients high quality products and customized, value-based services. Every day I feel part of something important.”

  • Supply Chain

    Fanchion (Monique) Duncan

    “This is where I work hard to motivate my team and bring everyone together for a common goal. We are passionate about saving and sustaining lives.”

    “In our state-of-the-art distribution facility, we strive to expeditiously move products from our warehouse to the patient. I monitor the work being performed and make sure everything remains on track. What we do at Baxter directly impacts people’s lives. I am proud to be a part of that.”

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