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Our mission to save and sustain lives is only successful when we can bring the richness of our whole selves to work. At Baxter, promoting and supporting individuality and diversity is a culture we champion all year long. We extend our values to the communities we live and work in as well. We are building partnerships with local and national organizations and individuals who are also working to promote our shared values.

In June, we celebrate Pride Month by recognizing that a diverse group of people can come together as one. We are a company, but most importantly, we are a community—a community of acceptance, inclusion, and belonging.


"PRIDE is an ongoing platform to educate and facilitate best practices for all members, allies, and employees. Organizations like Baxter with a DEI network provide a formal platform to drive an additional level of inclusivity that should encourage everyone to participate with the confidence that they are encouraged to be their authentic selves at work. Being involved with a BRG has opened up a welcoming network of like-minded people that enriches my work in ways I had and had not anticipated." Glenn Lewis, Co-President of PRIDE

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"If you know better, you do better; that is what the Pride BRG is about. As a Baxter Pride leader, I have the platform and opportunity to promote best practices regarding DE&I for the LGBTQIA community of Baxter employees. Inclusion is a marathon, not a sprint. I am but one part of the long-term DNA Pride footprint for now and into the future." Trent Pauling, PRIDE Australia President 


We asked our PRIDE Community what advice they would give others who may be struggling with societal judgment or family disapproval.

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Renata Varanda

"Seek a safe space! No one can be strong by themselves—whether through friends, family, a counselor, a therapist, or coworkers, everyone needs support and someone to talk to. Online forums with people with similar situations are a great place if you don’t feel safe in real life for whatever reason."

Headshot of Jason

Jason Mercer-Pottinger

"You have to start with YOU and then create a support network that enables you to feel confident with whatever works for you! Just because they are your family doesn’t give them the right to judge you. It is OK to walk away and create your own family and community."

Headshot of Glenn

Glenn Lewis

"Overall happiness in our lives starts at a very personal level, and the strength to take that first step to be your true self can only come from within you. My understanding is that most families come around eventually. But there is also a supportive community that consists of people who have gone through that same process themselves. And they are here for you."

Headshot of Michelle

Michelle Salgado

"The world can be such a scary and hateful place; don't let it overcome you, and allow yourself to share a little happiness and light that is you with the world!"

Partnering For Inclusion

"Our people are the core of everything we do! We want everyone at Baxter to feel comfortable being themselves at work and to have equal opportunities for development and success based on the value they bring. As part of this effort, our EMEA team partners with myGwork, a global professional network and job portal for LGBTQIA+ professionals, students, and inclusive employers. We believe that to attract and retain the best people, we must also value their backgrounds, experiences, and cultures." Aedín Fiel, Senior Manager — Talent Acquisition

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Pride Photo Contest: A Celebration Of Diversity

Baxter is truly a tapestry of cultures, beliefs, and individualities. Every year, our PRIDE BRG hosts a global photo contest to promote and celebrate the diversity of our Baxter community. Hundreds of our colleagues submit photos celebrating our unique backgrounds, families, abilities, interests, and appearances of #LifeAtBaxter.

This year’s contest is underway with fantastic new images. In the meantime, enjoy our 2023 photo winner submitted by the Mountain Home Equality Team.

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Working With Family And Making Friends

"My mother worked for Baxter for about 20 years or so when I first joined Baxter. She often spoke of two female friends of hers here that got married and had a beautiful daughter. I remember thinking how awesome that people like me worked at Baxter with my Mom and felt so comfortable at Baxter to grow their careers here, and that if I ever got the opportunity to join the Baxter team, I would love to do the same! I have been happily employed here for 12 years and have made my own friendships and with those same friends of my mom!" Brittany Lindstrom

Headshot of Amanda

“Seeing my friends and siblings at the time live authentically, be open about their identity, and be accepted was helpful and made it easier for me to do the same.”

Amanda Goodhines

Principal Regulatory Engineer

Every journey is as unique as the person living it. Our colleague, Amanda Goodhines, made the brave decision to speak up and advocate for herself and others. She recently spoke to Diva Magazine and shared her story of coming out to her friends and family. Amanda’s actions and many others like her are important voices as we create a culture of acceptance and empowerment.

Read the Article Here

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The Right Place For Me

"I actually started working at Baxter because of the diversity, equity, and inclusion values here. In my last 4 years, I can finally work in a space where I am not treated for who I am but what I can contribute." Robbin Kok

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