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Throughout times of change, the people here at Baxter are growing, learning and working together as we continue to build upon our mission.

In 2024, we plan to separate our chronic kidney care and acute therapies businesses to become a standalone company. As we prepare for this new chapter, we are focused on working more strategically and efficiently, while accelerating future growth for both Baxter and the new company.

And while change is often difficult, we believe it provides the opportunity to push beyond what we thought we were capable of achieving.

“Always keep one eye on the future.” 

Mike Demirjian

Global Head of Talent Acquisition
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“I’ve learned a lot in my career through personal experiences and the guidance of mentors. One advice that I like to share is to anticipate change. When you understand where things are and where they are headed, you can better understand what is motivating the change too. This will then help guide where you need to go and how you can best respond. ”

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It is often said that when we are most challenged, we grow. We asked employees to reflect on Baxter’s ongoing transformation and how it has brought about significant learning opportunities, expanded their role’s scope, led to lateral or upward career moves, or even provided some unexpected benefits.


Sowmini S K

Senior Manager - Digital Health, Renal Care R&D, India

"What got you here won't get you there." Coming from a technology background, I believed that focusing on my goals and doing my work diligently was enough to have a successful career. But over time I realized that anticipating change is more important for personal and professional development. Today on my leadership journey, I invest more energy into envisioning and strategizing my future while also navigating the day-to-day tactical aspects. This shift in my thought process has enabled me to predict, adapt, and succeed in times of change."

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Nicole Landreville

Director Regulatory Affairs Strategic Manufacturing Support, Canada 

“There is no growth in the comfort zone” is one of my favorite quotes by Jocko Willink. 

When I transitioned from Hillrom to Baxter, I was of course a bit worried about how quickly I would be able to grasp the new regulations I had to learn. In my new role, I've been challenged to learn unfamiliar regulations and the history of our products and manufacturing processes as well as understand what our sites need to stay in compliance. Through this, I'm an improved Regulatory Professional, and find a tremendous amount of satisfaction in making an impact on saving and sustaining lives!

Change can feel hard. That is inevitable. The good news is that our people have navigated change throughout their Baxter careers and have shared their top tips. From shifting your mindset to carving out time for yourself to decompress, our employees have valuable guidance on how to embrace uncertainty.

Support others

Trust the driver. Focus on getting the job done and forget about what other people may think. Always remember there are no shortcuts to success. Even our own body feels pain when growing, so just take it one day at the time. Support each other and remember that the most important thing in life is to share and help others. – Rudyard Guiza, Mexico

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Stay agile

My career at Baxter has gone from local to regional to global in scope. I have constantly needed to adapt to my teams’ needs in each moment. The quicker I managed to identify what fits and what doesn’t for our new goals, the quicker we managed to adapt to the future needs and become a more efficient team. If we remain stuck in past or even current habits, the change may feel slow, inefficient, and even more difficult. Always leave room to talk about what struggles exist. Focus on what the new needs are and adapt to those. – Meggy Bauwens, Belgium

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Maintain focus

Identify the things that are in your control: whether it’s delivering a project, supporting an application, optimizing a process, etc. and concentrate on that. It is the equivalent of keeping your hands on the rudder when you are sailing; it helps keep you on track to safe harbor. – Sayuri Kishi, Mexico

Change can feel hard. That is inevitable. The good news is that our people have navigated change throughout their Baxter careers and have shared their top tips. From shifting your mindset to carving out time for yourself to decompress, our employees have valuable guidance on how to embrace uncertainty.

“When an opportunity presents itself, it is up to you to seize it.”

Renuka Uppaluri

Vice President – Enterprise R&D Coordination and R&D Renal Care
Headshot of Renuka

“Put your head down and be prepared. Work hard and make sure you understand your material. Don't underestimate your potential and have confidence in yourself to create something great. Remember, your success is your responsibility. Don't let glass ceilings hold you back; they are meant to be shattered.”

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The #1 reason people join and stay with Baxter is for the meaningful work that we offer. The commitment to our mission from employees around the world remains an unwavering constant during times of change. It is at the forefront of everything we do and candidates and employees alike feel energized to deliver on our purpose.

Together, we not only go through change but emerge from it as better versions of ourselves, ready to continue saving and sustaining lives for years to come.

Keeping patients top of mind

“From my first day at Baxter, it was clear that our Mission is a compass to guide us in making the right decisions for our patients and the business. Everyone encounters tough days, but Baxter has always kept our patients front and center – that sense of purpose lifts you up when obstacles may be trying to pull you down. And when your work touches more than 350 million patients’ lives every year, you are motivated by a deep sense of responsibility to collaborate with your colleagues, push through any challenges and deliver solutions.” 

Stacey Eisen, SVP – Chief Communications Officer & Corporate Marketing and President, Baxter International Foundation

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