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We began the journey to establish our chronic kidney care and acute therapies businesses into one standalone company in January 2023. The proposed separation from Baxter will establish a new company with an impressive 70 years of experience and a single focus on advancing therapies and services for kidney care and other vital organ support.

Perhaps you are considering a career with Baxter and are wondering how these changes will impact you. Or maybe you are curious what professional opportunities the new company will offer. There are many exciting changes on the horizon, and we are grateful for your interest.

Learn more about how change creates opportunity at Baxter here. 


We plan to separate the Kidney Care Global Business Segment from Baxter to become a standalone company, to be named Vantive*. During this time of transformation, we're preparing a series of changes designed to optimize our operating model and manufacturing footprint, drive strategic clarity, improve operational efficiencies, and accelerate future growth. The new company is expected to launch by the end of 2024. Until the completion of the separation, our Kidney Care group will continue to do business as Baxter.

*Completion of the proposed separation of Kidney Care from Baxter into a standalone company (to be named Vantive) remains subject to the satisfaction of customary conditions.


We believe the proposed establishment of Vantive as a standalone company will create opportunities for each company to focus on its respective strengths and better address the distinct needs of each care setting. Whether you join Baxter or will join the future Vantive, you will become part of a community of people who are focused, courageous and don’t settle for the mediocre. Here's an overview of the new Baxter and Vantive as we envision them today.


Wood slats, orange juice cans and a cellophane membrane. This is what Dutch physician Willem Kolff used to create the first "artificial kidney" back in 1954. Building from his work, we produced the first commercial dialysis system later that year. And we haven't slowed down our relentless pursuit to evolve kidney care for the past ~70 years. We will be a global innovator in kidney care, offering leading solutions for peritoneal dialysis, done in the home; hemodialysis, typically delivered in an outpatient clinic; and organ support therapies, including continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), which is delivered in the hospital. 


We will not be a start-up. We are leveraging our nearly 70-year legacy in acute therapies and home and in-center dialysis to provide best-in-class care to the people we serve. Driven by our passion for the kidney care community, and equipped with specialized expertise in this space, we will continue to deliver life saving and sustaining products.


We are proud to continue to grow and enhance our product portfolio, including peritoneal dialysis devices and solutions, connected technologies, organ support therapies including CRRT, and hemodialysis filters and systems. We will continue to be the leading provider of kidney and organ support therapies, empowered with differentiated technology to help clinicians deliver high quality care.


Vantive will build on our extensive commercial and clinical capabilities to expand access to care. We believe every person deserves the best care possible, and we will continue to serve as a trusted partner to providers and clinicians around the world. We will never stop in our pursuit to help clinicians deliver high-quality care for the more than one million people we serve every year.


By narrowing our focus and specializing in kidney and other organ support therapies, we are better positioned for additional investments to bring innovative technologies to market. We are creating an environment in which every employee is empowered to experiment and discover—and to deliver on our commitment to patients around the world.


Baxter has selected Chris Toth to be Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of our planned separation of Baxter's Renal Care and Acute Therapies businesses. “I am confident that his passion for healthcare access and quality of care, strong focus on building a high-performance culture, and proven record of driving profitable growth and innovation will both build on the new company’s 70-year legacy of pioneering leadership and help guide it to new success,” said Baxter CEO Joe Almeida.

"The energy and excitement our organization has toward building a new kidney and critical care company based on a 70-year legacy of pioneering therapy in this space is truly electrifying," said Chris Toth. "We are eager to continue collaborating with the kidney and critical care communities to help transform care." 


On July 25, 2023, Baxter announced that Vantive will be the name of the new company consisting of its Renal Care and Acute Therapies businesses.  

“Announcing the Vantive name is a critical milestone in our journey to becoming an independent company focused solely on therapies for kidney disease and other vital organ support,” said Chris Toth. “The Vantive name reflects our dedicated employees’ steadfast commitment to patients and our passion for helping them lead full and meaningful lives in partnership with our customers. We are eager to continue collaborating with the kidney and critical care communities as we work to transform care globally.”


As a global medtech leader, Baxter offers advanced technology for the hospital and outpatient office, including infusion systems, smart beds, clinical nutrition, surgical tools, injectable medicines and diagnostic tools. We are excited for what our new business model will empower us to do. And while going through change can be challenging, we believe this simplified operating model will provide opportunities for not only our business, but for each of us who choose to work here. This is where our work matters. 


As an innovative, global healthcare leader, Baxter's mission is to save and sustain lives by providing the advanced products, technologies and therapies that provide the support people need to lead healthier, longer lives.

When you join Baxter, you’ll find purpose and pride as we meet the challenges faced by the patients, clinicians, and customers we serve in this rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Together, we create a place where we are resilient, focused on our future, and connected by our mission to save and sustain lives.

This is where you can do your best work. Where your purpose accelerates our mission.


The #1 reason people join Baxter is for the meaningful work we offer. For us, it's not just a job. Our work makes a positive impact on people around the world. When you join Baxter, you'll enjoy the feeling of pride, knowing your work improves the lives of millions. If you're looking for work with purpose, consider joining the world's leading medical devices company.


Working alongside talented employees is a top attribute employees use to describe Baxter. Your peers and leadership will support you in making your ideas a reality. Managers trust you to do the right thing, and provide the flexibility and freedom to do what you do best. If you're seeking professional development opportunities, we've got those in spades.


Spend any amount of time at Baxter, and you'll feel genuine camaraderie. Our world has been through so much, and at Baxter, you are never alone. We take the time to get to know each other and place high value on building relationships. We are a community of people who love to learn from each other. Together, we create a place where we are happy, successful and take pride in our achievements.


Baxter is on a path to transform and this may mean a fast pace at times; it also may mean more professional opportunities. Our history, position in the market, and diverse pipeline create a feeling of confidence that enables employees to embrace innovation and risk-taking to accomplish the organization’s growth plans. Together, we can take on any challenges or obstacles in our path. 

Change creates opportunity

At Baxter, we are a community of resilient individuals who thrive in change. We don’t fear ambiguity as we know it helps us grow. Hear directly from our employees about how change can benefit us personally and professionally.

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