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Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs, Research Jobs, and Engineering Careers at Baxter

A career with a higher purpose

If you have a desire to learn, grow and innovate, you can find purpose and satisfaction at Baxter, and make a contribution to a greater good. Whether you’re interested in medical devices, pharmaceuticals or biotechnology – or all three – Baxter offers the opportunity to explore the path that’s right for you. Our combined expertise in these three areas is unique and it differentiates us from other companies in the healthcare industry.

Our employees around the world are connected by an enduring commitment to save and sustain lives. It’s this higher purpose that binds us as a company and as global citizens.

Discover how you can join Baxter and work in an innovative and exciting place while helping make a meaningful difference for millions of people around the world. Learn more.

Recent Jobs

Playroom Attendant - West Fargo, ND
Description: Job Description Monitor waiting room for children whose parents/guardians are donating plasma and provide a safe and clean environment. ? Perform ID card and child/parent coordination for services related to supervised waiting room. ? Maintain and monitor child attendance log. ? Provide a clean and safe atmosphere for children through continuous monitoring and multi-tasking when room has more than one child. Coordinate re...
Reference Code: 79461
Center Receptionist - West Fargo, ND
Description: Job Description Under the general direction of the Plasma Center Manager provides receptionist support to the plasma collection center. Primarily provides customer service and performs administrative duties. Greets all visitors to the facility including new and repeat donors in a timely manner exhibiting strong customer service skills. Answers incoming phone calls in a timely manner exhibiting strong customer service skil...
Reference Code: 79443
Account Supervisor IVT Tianjin - BX Tianjin Office, Tianjin
Description: Job Description 1.负责输液产品在所负责区域的销售以实现销售目标; 2. 协助主管组织区域市场活动及其他团队管理工作,工作中展示出模范带头作用和对团队其他成员的帮助和有效辅导。 Qualifications 1. 大专学历以上,医学或药学专业者优先考虑; 2. 四年以上医疗行业的销售经验,其中至少两年以上外资企业经验; 3. 有独立开发大型医院的成功案例,有招标或物价工作经验者优先; 4. 工作业绩出色并具有良好的客户基础; 5. 良好的沟通协调及独立管理客户的能力; 6. 工作有韧性,以积极开放的心态不断学习并适应变化。...
Reference Code: 79597

A variety of possibilities

Baxter’s unique combination of expertise in medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals differentiates us from other companies in the healthcare industry, and makes us an attractive employer that offers a variety of possibilities. We hire a range of talented and driven people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, from scientists and researchers to roles in manufacturing, engineering, law, marketing and sales, to name just a few.

Rana Strellis Sr. Director Global BioScience Strategy and Planning, on Baxter's mission, purpose, and diversified healthcare model.

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