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First and foremost, we're a healthcare company built and based on the idea of bringing wellness to people and improving lives. It's a history of success. And a bright future that will come from the relentless innovation and passion of our employees. Working with Baxter means helping push the boundaries of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. More than that, a career at Baxter means working toward a greater common good. And like the ever-changing challenges we take on, your opportunities can change and evolve as well. A world of possibilities exists for your career path at Baxter. As our work and mission thrives, so will yours. Learn more about a career at Baxter.

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Chester has been with Baxter for more than 20 years as a manufacturing leader. He is a chemical engineer by training and also holds an MBA. Chester is the manager of Baxter's Los Angeles manufacturing plant, which hosts the production and fill/finish operation of plasma-derived therapies.

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